Portable Mini Golf

Mini Golf option provides portable indoor and outdoor golf games designed to support: Corporate, Fundraising and Domestic Events. We provide hire, delivery and can provide supervision for our Minigolf courses. We have a range of courses for all occasions.

Mini Golf is used for Festivals, Fetes, Promotions, Trade Stands, Orientation Days and more.

Mini golf hire supplies portable golf courses suitable for all functions.

Our Mini Golf Hire provides portable indoor and outdoor golf games specially designed to add a playful vibe to your party or corporate event. Our range of courses includes the 1,2,4,6 and 9 courses. For your events, we’ll provide hire and delivery for our Mini-golf courses.

Why Choose our Mini Golf Hire

Our business is fully covered by the public liability insurance, so you can care less about any cost of injuries or damages when you hire our putt-putt. With our pickup and delivery offer, we save you unwarranted stress and help you look coordinated at your events. Whether it’s a private party that you’re organizing, or a fete or business promotions, our Mini-golf promises to infuse some fun into your events.

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